Config PostgreSQL database with authentication

This article is what I learn about config PostgreSQL server and set its authentication up.

1. Config client authentication

After install postgresql database, you need to config the database in securely way. Postgresql create new user postgres, you should start PostgresDB under this user. The default configuration of PostgresDB is trusted. It means that, if you have any valided user with login permission, you can login to PostgresDB in localhost.

We need change it. Assume that, when you run PostgresDB, the DBPATH is /opt/postgres/database

$> su postgres
$> vim /opt/postgres/database/pg_hba.conf
# TYPE  DATABASE        USER            ADDRESS                 METHOD
local   all             all                                     password
host    all             all               password
host    all             all             ::1/128                 password

At column METHOD, we have some options:

  1. trust: this option allow every account login without password
  2. password: this option force every account when login must provide an password
  3. md5: this option force every account when login must provide md5 encrytion of password

For more information, please read document at postgres website

At address column, you specify the ip address PostgreSQL accept incomming connection. The IPv4 addresses have format / where number_mark_bit is number of bit in ip address will be match with the ip address you provides.

Eg: match all 32 bit of - exactly match 192.168.1.* match 192.168.*.*

But modify ADDRESS column is not enough if you want to accept incomming connection from other IP address. You also need to modidy postgresql.conf file.

In file postgresql.conf (in my case is /opt/postgres/database/postgresql.conf)

# change the line have listen_addresses
listen_addresses = '*'
# the default value is listen_address = 'localhost' -
# it means that database run in only localhost
# you want other machine can connect to database,
# you need set database run on other public ip

2. Create user

We need alter password for user postgres and create new user if neccessary

$> psql -U postgres
postgres=# ALTER ROLE postgres PASSWORD 'my_password'
postgres=# CREATE ROLE kiennt LOGIN;
postgres=# ALTER ROLE kiennt PASSWORD 'kiennt_password';
postgres=# ALTER ROLE kiennt CREATEDB;

# to see all role in database, postgres support commmand \du+
postgres=# \du+

Now, restart PostgresSQL, to see the change

$> sudo /etc/init.d/pg restart
$> psql -U psql
Password for user postgres:
# ok, cool

NOTE, if you want to know what is /etc/init.d/pg file, please read my previous post

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